About Us

About Us

Basin Prep Preschool is committed to providing a safe, stimulating, engaging and nurturing learning environment for all children in our program. Our classrooms are built for children to learn through active exploration, purposeful play, and interactive learning.

Our goal is for each and every child to build a strong foundation across all developmental domains. We focus on developing growth in fine/gross motor skills, language, cognitive, and social emotional development. We encourage our children to develop good morals and values while becoming independent learners. Our teachers are committed to developing a love for learning from an early age so that the children enjoy, build, and learn through their curiosity on a daily basis.

Basin Prep Preschool is committed to the families we serve and have a strong community within our center. We encourage family engagement and provide many opportunities for our teachers to collaborate with families in order to optimize learning for our children.

Safety & Security

Important Details

• FREE Full Day Universal Pre-K for children

• Cooking classes, Music, Art, Dance, Yoga, Karate , and other sport activities

• Hours of operation 7 am to 6 pm

• State of the art new facility with a spacious playground

• Cameras throughout the facility

• Home made meals using organic meats and Dairy

• Qualified, nurturing, creative, and passionate staff

• A strong Kindergarten private program using STEM based curriculum

• After-school program & Transportation available